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Bamboobino is a unique, award-winning line of children's clothing, bedding, bathtime towels and nursing accessories made from super-soft rayon from bamboo and organic cotton.

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Love seeing our products complementing other great products! #Repost @hazeljools Thanks Heather @birdieandcoco for all the new goodies, including this Oh Baby! Lavender scented gentle and moisturizing soap and shampoo for babies and children. Wonderful addition to your organic body butters and creams, and perfect with @numpfer organic bamboo bibs and blankets, and @bamboobino cozy bamboo hooded towel and organic bamboo washcloths. ALL locally made right here in Vancouver! #happybaby #happyMom #organicbamboo #loveLocal #locallymade #bathtime #babyblanket #bibs #babyshampoo #BestService #shopSmall #shoplocal #hazeljools #shopMainStreet #MadeInVancouver #MadeInBC #MadeInCanada

We love your pictures... Here's an adorable little baby girl in her Bamboobino Enclosed Hooded Wrap and After Bath Hat! Thanks for sharing #Repost @anaura my chubby girl after bath time #1weekold #bamboobino #cosy #bathtime #snuggly

Have you heard of dry drowning? Always a good reminder to keep a close eye on your child while swimming and especially after if they've inhaled water.

If you post pictures of your child on social media, here are some things to consider. What other limits, policies or safety rules do you have in place for your family?

Here's a fun way to explore nature and introduce your little one to languages. Do you have bilingual kids in your family?

Remember the hazy first days with a newborn? Here's your chance to make life a tad easier for another new mom (or forward this to a friend if you're the one with a newborn!)

Do you have empty clay plant pots lying around? Try these cute craft ideas for your garden or patio!

Having trouble putting baby to sleep? Here's a trick to try... and let us know if it worked! Thanks for sharing Essential Baby!

Chewable jewelry for adults and children - what a great idea! Has anyone tried this?

We love the precious smile on this little one in her Bamboobino After-Bath Hat! Thank you for the review Nina on the Moon!

Happy Independence Day to all our American friends and fans!

Have you tried einkorn flour yet? Einkorn is the purest form of wheat available, an ancient grain that's naturally low gluten, easily digestible and tastes even better (we made pancakes from this - yum)!

Here's a chance to win a set of our Mommy & Me Hair Towel Wraps! Head on over to our friends at Copy-Kids to enter! Good luck :)

Happy Canada Day!

When can kids start helping out with chores? Here are some age-appropriate chores for children to learn they are valuable & contributing members of the family.

The cutest little hand towel to encourage your toddler to wash hands. Available as a 'T-shirt' too!

Happy Father's Day to all Dads. To our Dads, Grandads, Dads we've lost, Dads who have lost, adoptive Dads, Dads To Be and more... you are all special to someone <3

Enter for a chance to win a Bamboobino Change Pad Cover! Head on over to Belly Ballot for a unique and fun way to win!

An oldie but goodie… never fails to crack us up at the end of a hard day!

Always a good reminder that drowning isn't what it looks like on tv...

Have you heard about our latest Instagram loop contest? Mally Designs celebrates their 10th birthday this month and we've teamed up with 22 terrific companies to offer $1100 in prizes! Contest ends tomorrow so head on over to Instagram to enter!

A hilarious look a the difference between your first and second pregnancies - who can relate?

How did you find mom friends? it's not always easy, especially when you move and have to start from scratch. Here are some suggestions:

Now who wouldn't love a prof like this?

Yum! A creamy dairy-free treat for the whole family (we make smaller versions in ice cube trays for the little ones)