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Bamboobino is a unique, award-winning line of children's clothing, bedding, bathtime towels and nursing accessories made from super-soft rayon from bamboo and organic cotton.

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#Repost @heykiddostore First thing to sell out at the shop is back in stock! Super soft, super absorbent, organic cotton and bamboo 5-pack washcloths. @bamboobino @heykiddostore #heykiddostore #torontobabystore #baby #Bamboobino #Bamboo #OrganicCotton #sustainable #babyshower #shoplocal #CanadianMadeWith❤️ #babygift #babylove #toddler #buylocal #MadeinCanada🇨🇦

A sneak peek at this lovely bamboo sign made for us by @homeworksetckids !

Happy Valentines Day! #valentines

Bamboo washcloths on nature's white background... snow! #winter

"The things I do to fundraise," says Inda the Panda, posing in the snow. Brrrr! All kidding aside, proceeds from the sale of Inda and our baby gift baskets go Royal Columbian Hospital's NICU this season. #charitybear #snow #snowday #vancouver

Congratulations to @heykiddostore on your opening tomorrow! It's going to be great! (And we spy @bamboobino on your lovely table!) 🛀 #heykiddostore #bamboobino #toronto #kidsstore #coolthingsforkids #comingsoon

Bamboobino classic hooded towels in pebble grey, ebony black and cream trim are the favourites for nurseries this Winter! @capturedbydominika #baby #Bamboobino #Bamboo #OrganicCotton #sustainable #babyshower #shoplocal #CanadianMadeWith❤️ #babygift #babylove #toddler #buylocalBC #MadeinCanada🇨🇦

World Breast Pumping Day is coming up and we've partnered up with @snugabell and some other fabulous companies for a massive giveaway!@snugabell ・・・ We've partnered with a group of fabulous brands to celebrate World Breast Pumping Day with a MASSIVE giveaway. Click the link in our bio to RSVP to #WBPD2017 and win amazing prizes like an @ardobreastfeeding pump, @skoah facial, @lunapads gift certificate, oh and Snugabell will be sending one lucky winner an iPad mini! You don't want to miss this one. . . . #WBPD2017 #wecanpump #whyIpump #normalizebreastfeeding #normalizebfing #beautifulbfing #workingmom #pumpingmom #liquidgold #breastfeed #breastpump #motherhood #LLL #momlife

Bamboobino's 6" plush panda, Inda, donates to a child-related charity each season. This winter, we are proud to donate to Royal Columbian Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). We recently toured the ward and met the amazing staff looking after all the tiny babies. Did you know that RCH is the only hospital in the province to have cardiac, trauma, neurosciences, high-risk maternity and a NICU all on one site?

Can you relate? :D

Important for breastfeeding: How to examine your baby for tongue tie or lip tie:

Love sunny days after a snowfall... followed by pink sunset clouds. Happy 2017 everyone! ❄️#winterwonderland #vancouver

Happy Holidays! With Love, Bamboobino

Grocery shopping with dad and baby

Many thanks to @gogreenbabyca for including Bamboobino in your Holiday Shopping Guide! ・・・ Our Holiday Shopping Guide is now up on our website! Be sure to check out this gallery - Monochrome Baby Gift Essentials Our most popular #ecobaby gift ideas are all rolled into this collection. Stay tuned for more or visit our website 🖕🏻 for all the collections. @weewoollies @purecolourbaby @applecheeksdipe @flamingobabyco @babybestdesigns @bamboobino

What an amazingly unique idea! Send Lullaby Stork to sing a telegram to celebrate a new baby, add a special touch to a baby shower, or announce a pregnancy and more! Their wee Blessing Bundles will include goodies for your baby including Bamboobino :)

What time does your child go to bed?

How cute is this little one with her Pebble Grey Classic Hooded Towel and bath pouf! Get yours here:

Our apron hooded towels are a wonderful solution for tricky bath times! They keep your hands free as you bathe your baby (and you'll also be protected from splashing water!). Get them here:

You have to try this out. 😊

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